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The Kore Solutions technology team was employed to oversee the upgrade and extension of the CCTV system at the global company’s Aberdeen site, moving from an out-dated, black and white analogue system, to a new high-tech IP CCTV system. Although still widely used, analogue CCTV systems are increasingly proving to be regarded as out-dated. Physically, a console-operated system is regarded as old-fashioned, and this particular system had poor video and image quality, making it difficult to identify individuals in the grainy video footage. With a CCTV system no longer fit for purpose, the oil and gas service company decided to upgrade their system and asked for expert support and advice from Kore Solutions.

Services provided

Kore Solutions recommended that the client upgraded to an IP based CCTV system which provides a better image quality, allowing you to identify individuals on screen, and to watch footage live and on playback. This updated CCTV system allows the client to expand the system as their requirement increases, with no need for additional controlling hardware or licence upgrades. 


As a long-standing and loyal customer, they were pleased that we delivered the project within the estimated time scale of just one week, under the supervision of two members of the skilled technology team. Worth around £13,000 the project involved fitting the large Aberdeen site with 18 new, industry leading, high tech security cameras.

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