Access System and CCTV


Inspire is a Scottish charity empowering the life choices of hundreds of adults and young people with learning disabilities and additional support needs in the North East of Scotland. This includes residential care, supported accommodation, training for employment initiatives and respite.


Inspire sought monitoring to provide additional safety and protection of residential service users between the hours of 11pm and 7am, which would also help increase efficient use of staff time. This would enable staff members to monitor vulnerable service users from a central location.

Services provided

The Kore Solutions team worked to provide the optimal solution to Inspire by installing IP CCTV throughout the interior of their central building. This encompassed four wireless 1080p camera units with two-way audio and LED lighting.

Due to the age of the building, Kore Solutions were not able to hardwire any technology, but by using the existing wireless network, staff can now monitor vulnerable service users from any location within the building, simply by using an iPad with wireless IP cameras. These are backed up with on-board microphones and audio playback.


The installation of this smart technology has the capacity to provide an additional control in the management of risk, since it is implementing an additional stream of safety to 24hr operations.  This benefits both end users and their carers, as well as employees of Inspire.

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