CCTV and Access System

Kelda Water Services

Kelda Water Services (KWS) is a leading water and waste water contract operations company, that delivers large scale and long-term infrastructure solutions throughout the UK.

The company operates and maintains four waste water treatment plants that serve the North East of Scotland. These are focused on driving compliance and performance, as well as waste water operations within the catchments the business serves.


The security team at Kore Solutions was given the tasks of protecting the site perimeter at the company’s Nigg site in Aberdeen, as well as the design and installation of a reliable and secure access control system.

Services provided

​Kore Solutions worked to implement the best possible solution for Kelda Water Services to increase both increased safety and other efficiencies across the site.

Our team worked initially installing a new fibre network and server-based security system to the facility. This allowed for much smoother data transmissions across the site, and also future-proofed any further building technology installations, without impacting their current network usage.

Once this was in place, we then installed a software-based CCTV and access control system, which can be operated and monitored from one central point. This system also benefits from UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) backup, so that the system will continue to record and maintain security in the event of a power failure.

We selected a Paxton access control system for Kelda Water Services because of the large size and complex access requirements of the site. This type of system uses multifunction swipe cards, which let Kelda Water Services monitor its personnel via a clock in/out system and can be directly linked with its HR/payroll function as well. It also means that person-specific permission can be given per card holder to allow different access rights on-site.

Swipe access was installed for all entrances, including the pedestrian gates, to ensure all personnel movement of personnel is correctly tracked for Health & Safety reasons.

Axis cameras were selected alongside a Digifort video management system. This is world-class IP surveillance software, which helps users obtain a greater ability to monitor and process events on-site. It generates alarms according to events, that occur in real time – for example, a car parked or stopped in a restricted area or the suspicious movement of people.

Externally, our team also worked to install a sliding and swing gates and 20m of fencing around the premises. We also installed external WIFI to connect the system for external roll call reports, and connected all doors and gates to a fire and gas monitoring system to ensure they open in the event of an emergency.


The design and installation of these systems means Kelda Water Systems has increased security operation efficiencies throughout its business. Additionally, the company can now monitor various remote sites by connecting them to the centralised main system.

If you would like to discuss security services with the team, please contact Kore Solutions on 01224 228952 or