LED Solutions

Robertson Facilities Management

Robertson Facilities Management is a large national FM solutions provider operating throughout Scotland and the North of England working with local authorities, building owners and occupiers. 


Robertson Facilities Management required a range of maintenance work, both reactive and planned maintenance, for schools and nursing homes throughout the North East of Scotland. Although Robertson FM have a team of electricians, Kore Solutions was selected as a trusted partner in order to share and use our key industry skills and expertise when performing these large-scale jobs. 

Services provided

As part of this series of projects, Kore Solutions provided electrical work for a local Aberdeenshire Academy, replacing the old and dated fluorescent lighting with new LED lighting. LED lights are successful and effective for a variety of reasons. Although initially more costly, these high-tech, industry-leading lights provide substantial savings over the long term. While fluorescent lights last up to an impressive 10,000 hours, LEDs can last up to a staggering 60,000 hours. This can provide substantial savings as a result of fewer lamp replacements and less maintenance required. LED lights also prove to be more pleasing within working environments. Unlike their counterpart, LED lights produce warm, instant bright colours, silently, which is welcoming and easier for the working and public conditions that these lights are often used for. Equally in their favour, LED lights are also environmentally friendly. Fluorescent lights contain a small amount of the hazardous chemical mercury while LEDs are completely safe and do not contain such poisonous materials, putting users at ease while knowing that they are not contributing to pollution. LEDs also consume far less power than fluorescent tubes. While fluorescents are an energy saving light compared to incandescent bulbs, when contrasted with LEDs there really is no contest. LEDs use less electricity which is better for the environment and your pocket. 


Worth around £35,000, the project involved fitting the three-storey building with environmentally friendly and cost-effective LED lights and emergency lighting. Kore Solutions delivered the tight project deadline to complete the work during the two-week October Schools’ Break. The project was delivered ahead of schedule and within expected budgets and both Robertson Facilities Management and the local school were very happy with the completed project. Kore Solutions has delivered various other electrical solutions in partnership with the expert and industry leading facilities management company. This has included both long term projects similar to this, as well as reactive and quick response electrical solutions that require much quicker turnarounds. 

To find out more information about the energy and cost saving benefits you can enjoy from LED lights, please contact Kore Solutions on 01224 228952 or info@kore-solutions.co.uk