Fire safety, security, air conditioning, ventilation and EV charging project for A.M.Phillip's new premises in Glenrothes

Project: Comprehensive installation of fire and security, air conditioning and ventilation, and EV charging systems

Client: A.M.Phillip Trucktech

Location: Blackwood Road, Eastfield Industrial Estate, Glenrothes

A.M. Phillip Trucktech, with over 70 years of industry experience, is a prominent player in Scotland's commercial vehicle sector that needed a comprehensive solution for its recently established Glenrothes facility. The multifaceted project included the installation of state-of-the-art fire safety and security systems, cost-effective air conditioning and ventilation solutions, and cutting-edge EV charging infrastructure.

The project brief

Ahead of its Glenrothes location opening in June 2023, A.M.Phillip was looking for an experienced and reliable supplier for a range of critical services. The objective was to ensure the safety and security of the premises, create a comfortable environment for staff and visitors, and incorporate contemporary EV charging points.

Already familiar with the expertise of our team, A.M.Phillip contacted Kore to get help with all of its fire and security, and air conditioning and ventilation requirements. Due to the size and nature of the new site, several systems needed installing to ensure the premises would be safe and secure while being comfortable for staff to work in.

The client was looking for Kore to install the most up-to-date fire alarm, intruder alarm, CCTV systems, and an effective air conditioning solution that would help heat and cool the building all year round, and a ventilation system that would meet the criteria necessary for opening new premises.

A.M.Phillip also benefited from Kore's relationship with ORKA, for installing EV charge points.

Building 1

The solution

Fire and security

After conducting a thorough fire risk assessment, Kore's Fire & Security team recommended an addressable fire alarm system and an aspirating detection system. An addressable fire alarm system is incredibly transparent and precise with fault management, while an aspirating detection system draws air through a network of pipes and samples the air for smoke particles.

The security solution comprises a sophisticated CCTV system providing comprehensive coverage and an innovative intruder alarm seamlessly linked to the client's monitoring system. This gives the client complete coverage of its site and an innovative intruder alarm linked to the client's monitoring system that will send alerts to keyholders instantly.

Technical 2

The solution

Air conditioning

Led by Operations Director Ryan Pirie, Kore's air conditioning team installed top-tier Mitsubishi electric units in high-traffic areas such as the offices, showrooms, meeting rooms and reception. A ventilation system, designed to instigate effective air changes, which is when stale air is completely replaced with clean air, covers the entire site.

Most of the air conditioning work was completed in the offices and showroom areas. At the same time, minor fans were installed at the workshop. Ten best-in-class Mitsubishi electric air conditioning units were installed across the premises, while three large heat recovery units were also added to the site before its opening.

Due to the size of the premises and the number of units installed, this project is one of Kore's most extensive HVAC installations to date.

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The solution

EV charging

Another benefit of working with Kore is that our clients have access to various renewable energy solutions. Collaborating with ORKA, an EV charging solution with Fuuse software for efficient charge point management was installed.

The outcome

All project components were successfully completed before the premises' grand opening, providing A.M.Phillip peace of mind that all employees and visitors could use the site knowing the appropriate measures were in place. In addition, A.M.Phillip were immediately able to use the brand-new EV charging stations, enhancing both employee benefits and visitor convenience.

By selecting one single supplier for all fire safety, security, air conditioning and ventilation work, the client benefited from Kore's dedication to customer service and communication from start to finish, and the project was overall significantly more efficient than if delivered by multiple suppliers.

A.M.Phillip was very satisfied with the work of our experts and is now looking for our air conditioning team to complete bi-annual maintenance of the air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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Here's what A.M. Phillip had to say about this project…

"The open and transparent communication, attention to detail and professionalism of the Kore team on our project have made it a delight to work with them. It may sound cliché, but you would have to push me hard for me to find any fault in how they conducted themselves and delivered on expectations during the nine months of our project.

"Often, when dealing with contractors, you are continually chasing for updates; with Kore, things just seemed to magically happen without prompting, this made a huge difference to my workload. Kore did what they said they would and could be trusted to deliver. Due to the project's success, we consider Kore a trusted partner. We are so confident in their ability to deliver that we have already recommended them to others. The products that were chosen were well considered and fit our needs perfectly. We look forward to potentially engaging them again on future projects."

Rob McWilliam, Managing Director