Smart Buildings

With UK energy prices soaring and climate change becoming a more prevalent issue, there is no better time than the present to start harnessing the power of technology to make the buildings we occupy safer, greener and smarter.

What is a smart building?

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A smart building is one which utilises technology to provide its users with greater efficiency, whether that’s achieved through reduced energy consumption or optimised processes.

Based on rich data collection around usage and occupancy, a smart building can help you identify huge opportunities you didn’t know were there. This allows you to unlock bigger energy savings and greater efficiencies for all users, no matter what problems or pain points they currently face.

The technology which makes a building smart could be anything from a controlled access system which allows people in and out of the building, to an intricate smart lighting system which is triggered by sensors.

What truly makes a building smart is its ability to integrate standalone systems, unifying individual technologies to work together for optimised performance, greater energy savings and enhanced user experience.

Why have smart buildings become so important?


Increasing energy costs

With energy prices soaring, the need to cut down costs in the long term has never been greater. Everyone is looking to make savings on their energy bills, but in order to do this, you need to make an initial investment and identify how you’re using your energy, as well as how it’s being wasted. We have the ability to provide our customers with accurate, in-depth data and analysis on their energy usage, which can reveal some eye-opening figures on how their energy is perhaps being wasted, and a clear direction on how improvements and massive future savings can be made.

The path to net zero

In 2019, the UK became one of the first major economies to legislate towards the binding target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. Buildings are a significant contributor towards greenhouse gases due to the amount of power they consume daily. There is no avoiding the pressing need for change, and installing smart systems within our buildings can help to drive down the level of carbon emissions produced, creating a greener future.

A post-pandemic world

The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt had a huge impact on the way we operate in our daily lives. Although contactless systems and temperature screening devices are nothing new, they have certainly become best practices in businesses across the world. Keeping our surroundings clean and safe through the use of technology has become paramount in recent years, and is likely to be a lasting change which our buildings need to be adapted to.

The benefits of making your building smart

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Benefits of smart buildings:

Energy Efficiency

Through the use of smart technology, you are able to pinpoint exactly where energy has been used in the building, and implement processes that eliminate any waste. Installing sensors which are linked with your building management system allow you to monitor areas of occupancy, giving you the power to automatically turn off lights or heating systems when the room is empty.

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Benefits of smart buildings:

Increased Productivity and Wellbeing

Utilising smart technology systems to fully optimise your working environment is no longer something to be ignored in a world driven by productivity and wellbeing. Having a space which contains good air quality, optimum lighting and efficient processes all have a huge impact on employee performance.

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Benefits of smart buildings:

Improved Asset Reliability and Performance

Rather than letting your assets run down to the point of breaking, smart technology empowers you with the ability to proactively monitor asset reliability and performance. Our energy management technology, for example, allows you to set thresholds on specific areas of consumption, notifying you of any unexpected changes in data or once your equipment has gone above or below the set threshold, allowing you to better plan maintenance and reduce any downtime.

Monitoring data can also help to improve the longevity of your building’s technology. Simple things such as having the ability to turn off lights when they are no longer being used is imperative in helping to maintain the performance of your buildings assets while saving you money in the long run.

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Benefits of smart buildings:

A Unified System That Can Save You Time and Money

Although technology is a huge asset to any building, ensuring each component is fully integrated in one handy system opens the door to huge efficiencies and cost savings. We combine our electrical services, fire and security solutions, and aircon services under one unified system which is far more reliable and efficient.

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Benefits of smart buildings:

A Simpler Infrastructure

Say goodbye to massive electrical boards - a smart lighting system will run off a network cable with a reasonable 12 volt DC, rather than mains electric power. This not only allows you to save money on energy consumption, it also offers a more straightforward infrastructure which can more easily be updated as the needs of your building change over time.

Duncan Booth
Managing Director
Duncan Booth

We’re driven by the ability to empower our customers with data and systems that can save them money in the long term. With the massive changes technology has had on our lives in the last couple of decades, it’s about time that we harness this technology to unlock greater efficiencies in our buildings, both for people and for the planet.”

How can a building be made smart?

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One of the first steps in becoming more energy efficient is to collect and analyse data which highlights how your energy is being consumed and areas in which it is being wasted. With this information you are able to identify areas of concern and begin to put an action plan in place to solve the problem.

At Kore Solutions, we offer specific smart technology systems which will provide you with important technical data regarding the usage of your energy...

  • Gone are the days where door access controls need to be managed by CCTV and a separate PC or server. We can combine the two in one simple solution, saving you time and money from scrolling through footage when an incident occurs.

  • Meeting rooms are often booked out for an hour even if they are cut short, but smart sensors will recognise that the room has been vacated and will make it available for use in the booking system.

  • Our smart lighting systems are responsive and intelligent with the ability to adjust to your environment. The technology is able to activate lights and heating based on the occupancy of a room or the amount of natural light entering the space.

  • Cameras can be linked with voice note activation software helping to remind staff of important tasks or hazards such as notifying someone to put on a high-vis jacket in a controlled area.

Our Smart Building Solutions

Discover the range of services we offer to businesses across the UK, to help make their buildings smarter.

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Why choose us?


At Kore Solutions, we can help you harness the power of data and create greater efficiencies for your entire building:

  • We stand unrivalled as the only company in Scotland providing the level of smart technology that we do, such as W-Tech engines

  • We work directly with you to install your smart systems, thanks to a team of experienced employed engineers. Without the need to subcontract, you’re guaranteed a premium level of service and installation, and greater understanding of the technology they’re equipping you with

  • We are at the forefront of integration of smart technology, helping you unlock greater efficiencies through unifying your systems, instead of standalone equipment

  • We are the only company in Scotland to work with high end vendors to ensure you’re getting a premium level of product and service

  • We take the time to listen and understand your pain points so we can craft a smart solution that either meets or exceeds your expectations

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