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Specialising in intelligent and best-in-class technology, we design and install fire and security systems that give companies across the UK the confidence their buildings and people are protected.

Fire and Security Solutions For Every Building

Fire and security protection should be a top priority for every organisation to ensure the safety of employees, visitors and the general workplace, including technology and critical data.

Our team of fire and security engineers based in Aberdeen specialise in selecting, installing and maintaining innovative technology for access control, intruder detection, fire alarm systems, automatic number plate recognition and so much more. They develop solutions for businesses of all sizes, from single buildings to multi-site organisations across all sectors, creating one system perfectly suited to their individual need.


Fire Safety

We can assess, design and deliver the most effective fire solution for your premises, to prevent, detect and contain a fire. From conducting thorough risk assessments, to the installation of best-in-class fire detection and suppression technology and from the maintenance or takeover of existing systems to safety refreshers and training.

Fire and security measures are one of the first things to address when you establish your premises, a refresher after a certain number of years is also worthwhile, especially if your organisation has either significantly expanded its headcount or started accommodating new parts of a building. Similarly, if you’ve moved to a new property, it’s important you source specialist support to carry out new work, as existing measures might not suit your operational needs.

Access Control

Our team can design and install simple or advanced access systems for your premises, to enable controlled access for team members and visitors.

Depending on the nature of your workplace, access control technology is a recommended solution to enhance your security system. Working in harmony with fire systems, CCTV and alarms, controlled access can provide protection from hazardous areas or minimise access to classified information.

As every business is different, our specialist team can design and install advanced access control systems within your premises to ensure the appropriate security measures are met to your specific requirements.


We can identify and deliver a range of high definition CCTV systems for your organisation, that will give you full visibility in and around your premises, and overall enhance your security.

Any building can be at risk of a security breach, no matter the nature of your business activity. From basic camera systems to more advanced solutions incorporating facial recognition, Kore can assess the vulnerability of your workplace to determine what measures are necessary for your business. For added protection, our most advanced systems can send notifications straight to emergency services

Intruder Detection

Intruder detection installed throughout your premises can not only notify you of potential danger, but deter break-ins and security breaches from taking place at all.

We can offer a huge variety of intruder alarm systems with a range of warning signals and automation, unification with access control and CCTV systems - from simple notifications sent to mobile devices, to advanced automatic calls to emergency services.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

If your premises has car parking facilities, or you wish to streamline the entrance to specific sites, then you may wish to consider an automated number plate recognition system. Our solutions within this category have become increasingly popular particularly, allowing businesses to enhance their processes and save time.

This can allow you to simplify and streamline the entrance to parking facilities or enhance fleet management, and entrance to specific sites or areas can be granted by automatic camera systems for registered vehicles.

Benefits of Using Kore

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Fully certified, insured and approved

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24/7 Emergency support

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Highly experienced and trained team

"Our team is complete with experts that have a collective experience of over 30 years within the Fire and Security Industry. Each of us collaborate when delivering our bespoke solutions that range from best-in-class Fire detection and suppression technology, to advanced CCTV, access control and intrusion systems"

"Having worked with Kore on several projects over the years I find them to be methodical from the start through to the completion of any project. From collating information, submitting prices, arranging the work and carrying out the work in a safe and timely manner through to completion is a seamless process which makes our life a lot easier. Working with Duncan and all his staff is an absolute pleasure"

Grant Wisely, Facilities Manager, Subsea 7

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At Kore, we understand that every building is different which is why our team of fire and security experts are on hand to assess your needs before designing and installing a bespoke solution that is tailored to your requirements.

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