23rd March, 2023

6 fire and security measures that are vital for your business premises

6 fire and security measures that are vital for your business premises

Fire and security protection should be a top priority for every organisation to ensure the safety of employees, visitors and the general workplace, including technology and critical data.

While these measures are one of the first things to address when you establish your premises, a refresher after a certain number of years is also worthwhile, especially if your organisation has either significantly expanded its headcount or started accommodating new parts of a building. Similarly, if you’ve moved to a new property, it’s important you source specialist support to carry out new work, as existing measures might not suit your operational needs.

From fire protocols, to innovative security technology, this blog outlines the top six things you need to do to keep both people and business operations safe and secure from theft and fire.

1. Consult a specialist to carry out a thorough fire safety risk assessment

A fire safety risk assessment is essential for gaining an understanding of the potential fire hazards within your building and the risk these pose to your employees, while also identifying the life-critical systems that must be implemented. This is the first thing that should be completed by an organisation before allowing anyone to make use of the property, and it will determine the requirements needed to ensure the building is following the correct regulations to maximise the safety of all staff and visitors.

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2. Install detection and suppression technology and implement required protocols

Following the results of your assessment, ensure you opt for high quality technology that is reliable. It’s a law within the UK for businesses to have a detection system in place and by having the correct number of alarms, detectors and extinguishers, this reduces the risk of harm to occupants.

In conjunction with these preventative measures, all businesses should determine a precise fire evacuation plan that incorporates clear escape routes, emergency doors that open easily, emergency lighting where necessary, and more. This means that in the event of a fire, both staff and building visitors are aware of how to safely exit the building.

At Kore, we pride ourselves on using the best-in-class fire detection and suppression technology for all of our tailored solutions.

3. Ensure all employees are well-trained in fire safety protocols

Employees should be fully aware on how to use fire safety equipment installed throughout the premises, and what to do in the event of a fire.

To make sure the fire safety knowledge is maintained, employers should carry out regular fire drills to observe and understand how efficient their protocols are. An effective fire drill will illustrate if your staff understand the fire action plan thoroughly, and that all equipment works effectively.

Whenever we install new fire safety measures to your building, we work closely with your staff - normally the designated fire wardens - so that they are well-trained and confident in using the equipment.

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4. Keep appropriate records

We recommend keeping record of your significant fire safety updates including:

  • Findings from your fire safety risk assessment such as details on the identified hazards within the premises

  • The dates and details of any fire training carried out by employees

  • A history of fire drills and the performance of them

  • When fire safety equipment has and will be tested

Keeping track of these updates is good practice and will help you maintain an effective fire strategy while outlining where improvements should be made.

5. Install CCTV and an alarm system

An alarm and CCTV system gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what’s happening at your premises at all times. Any building can be at risk of a security breach, no matter the nature of your business activity. By installing an alarm and CCTV system, you will have full visibility in and around your building and you’ll be able to prevent any unwanted activity efficiently. From basic camera systems to more advanced solutions incorporating facial recognition, Kore can assess the vulnerability of your workplace to determine what measures are necessary for your business. For added protection, our most advanced systems can send notifications straight to emergency services.

Additionally, If your premises has car parking facilities, or you wish to streamline the entrance to specific sites, then you may wish to consider an automated number plate recognition system. Our solutions within this category have become increasingly popular particularly with fleet operators, allowing them to enhance their processes and save time.

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6. Implement controlled access to and within the premises

Depending on the nature of your workplace, access control technology is a recommended solution to enhance your security system. Working in harmony with fire systems, CCTV and alarms, controlled access can provide protection from hazardous areas or minimise access to classified information.

As every business is different, our specialist team can design and install advanced access control systems within your premises to ensure the appropriate security measures are met to your specific requirements.

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We give companies across the UK the confidence that their people and buildings are protected against fire and security risks. Developing solutions for businesses of all sizes, we’re able to deliver a bespoke solution tailored to your organisation and train your staff in using all technology so you can get the most out of your systems.

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