Fire Alarm system upgrade for Legal & General Assurance

Project: Union Plaza - Fire Alarm upgrade

Client: Legal & General Assurance (Pension Management) Ltd

Location: Aberdeen

Kore project lead: Scott Farquhar, Fire & Security Manager

The project brief

Legal & General Assurance required an upgraded fire alarm system for Union Plaza, a corporate office space that it owns and runs in Aberdeen city centre.

As a large commercial premises, the client was looking for a reliable system with available product support to ensure a high volume of employees working within the building, along with visitors, were completely protected from any risk of fire.


The solution

As per building regulations and in line with the Fire Safety Order & BS5839, Union Plaza already had an addressable Fire Alarm System in place, however the general rule is that commercial fire detection and fire alarm systems should be upgraded or replaced after every 10 years or in line with manufacturer recommendations due to the effectiveness and reliability of devices as they reach end of life.

As the client was operating business as usual, our team worked hard to ensure there was no disturbance for building tenants and made use of existing cabling to improve efficiency and keep costs low.

We then carried out a phased migration of the existing system and peripheral devices before transferring Union Plaza onto a modern, high quality Fireclass Addressable Fire Alarm system and additional Fire Alarm Remote Access Gateway technology.

During the above upgrade and migration work, we installed a temporary wireless Fire Alarm System in areas of work to ensure there was no loss of fire detection coverage during the course of the upgrade of the Fire Alarm system.

The outcome

The new Fireclass Addressable Fire Alarm system features a type of digital technology that ensures fast detection of potential fires. Customisable to each building, each device within the system uses signals which allows emergency services to accurately determine the location of the hazard. This type of knowledge can be key when moving personnel to safety too.

By layering this system with the Remote Access Gateway technology, the client is able to access the network and receive live system updates from anywhere, further enhancing safety within the building.

Following the upgrade, we decommissioned and removed all old equipment and conducted a full test and commission of the new system to ensure everything worked correctly and met all current BS5839 recommendations. We also carried out system training with the client and staff members so they were familiar with the operation of the new system.

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