21st April, 2022

5 Reasons to undertake a cabling audit

5 Reasons to undertake a cabling audit

Most businesses will change and adapt their IT and communications system over time, to match the growing demands of the business. In some cases, cables, cabinets and networks can become messy and muddled, making it difficult to make sense of what is there, or spot any potential issues before they arise. An audit can be an essential process if your current set-up is messy, or hasn’t been reviewed in a long period of time. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Efficiency can be increased, as you can easily connect and disconnect cables when required.
  2. The safety of your building and assets can also be enhanced. If your current set-up is messy or hasn’t been reviewed in years, there could be underlying faults or areas of risk. These will be picked up and rectified during an audit.
  3. A clearly labelled and documented network gives organisations the ability to effectively troubleshoot should a problem arise. Without a properly organised and clearly labelled network, this situation could become troublesome and potentially critical.
  4. Having audit documentation and a schematic network drawing will assist with future moves and changes.
  5. Or if your comms rack looks like this, an audit can completely transform it to become organised and fully effective.

The Kore Solutions team can provide a complete connection audit of a business’s site, including: an examination and documentation of communications cables; dismantling and reconstruction of the communications cabinet, colour coding if necessary; clear labelling and management of all cables; disconnection of unnecessary cables; production of schematic network drawing; and creation of audit documentation for future moves and changes.

For more information, please call 01224 228952, or email info@kore-solutions.co.uk.