6th July, 2023

Does your company’s air conditioning system need upgraded? The top 5 signs

Does your company’s air conditioning system need upgraded? The top 5 signs

A fully operational and efficient air conditioning system is an essential component in creating a comfortable and safe working environment for your team. Outdated systems can lead to issues such as higher utility bills, poor indoor air quality and increased downtime - which can all be avoided by upgrading and investing in newer technology.

In this blog post, we explore some of the key signs that indicate your company’s air conditioning system requires a much-needed upgrade and why investing in a new system can be beneficial to your business…


1.) Your system has become outdated

If your company’s air conditioning system is beginning to approach 10 years or older, then it may be time to consider upgrading. On average, air conditioning systems can last anywhere from 10 - 15 years depending on the make and model of the system.

Similar to any ageing asset, the ability of an air conditioning system to operate at its optimal level slowly diminishes over time which is why it's essential to keep on top of your upgrades.

Ideally, you want to upgrade your system to a newer model every 10 years to ensure that you are getting consistent cooling and improved efficiency from your system.

2.) Your system is frequently breaking down

It’s not uncommon for air conditioning systems to run into the occasional issue, however, when these issues become recurring, this should act as your sign to consider upgrading.

Nobody wants to deal with the hassle and costs associated with frequent breakdowns, as consistently having to repair your system not only increases your costs but also leads to unnecessary downtime. Often the amount of time, labour and money spent fixing or repairing systems turn out to be less cost-effective in the long-term than upgrading.

By upgrading your system you reduce the likelihood of further breakdowns occurring, in turn increasing the reliability of your air conditioning system and eliminating any unexpected costs associated with frequent repairs.


3.) You’re experiencing fluctuations in temperature control and uneven cooling

The primary function of an air conditioning system is to evenly distribute cool air throughout an area, providing a temperature that is consistent and comfortable for those in the space such as employees, customers and visitors. This is particularly important for employees working in office settings, as fluctuating temperatures can affect productivity and employee satisfaction.

If you're experiencing issues regarding temperature variations throughout your space, this could be a key indicator that your system is struggling to efficiently distribute cool air and you may require an upgrade.

Fortunately, the advancement of air conditioning technology has led to the creation of advanced zoning. This feature can allow you to control the temperature of specific zones independently and even allow you to save running costs by turning off areas that are not being used.

We work alongside a range of leading manufacturers including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba and Panasonic, many of which offer the latest technologies available on the market including advanced zoning solutions.

4.) Your energy bills are rising

If you’ve noticed an increase in your company’s energy bills, this may be worth investigating as your air conditioning system could be contributing to this. Outdated or unmaintained air conditioning systems tend to be less energy efficient and pull larger amounts of energy than newer or frequently maintained systems.

Upgrading your system to a modern and high-efficiency air conditioning solution will help your business to reduce its associated running costs, ultimately lowering utility costs and saving your company money. Our knowledgeable in-house air conditioning team is on hand to help you find the most energy-efficient solution for your business.

5.) You’ve noticed a change in your indoor air quality

A large risk posed by outdated or inefficient air conditioning systems is the flow of poor quality air. This can lead to serious health implications for those working within an area that has poor indoor air quality, particularly those with allergies or respiratory problems. The reason for this is that old systems may not have the capability to effectively filter pollutants and allergens from the air and instead end up circulating the air, leading to poor air quality.

Many modern air conditioning systems are now available with built-in air purification filters designed to improve air quality, helping to create a safer and more comfortable work environment - so upgrading your system could be advantageous for your team.

How we can help…

We want to help ensure that your team enjoys a safe and comfortable day-to-day working environment, save you money and gain efficiencies when it comes to your air conditioning. Working closely with you, our experienced team of engineers can help provide you with a bespoke solution that meets your company’s air conditioning needs. From installation to service, repair and maintenance, our team will ensure you have a system that will stand the test of time, and deliver long-term value.

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