14th December, 2023

An insight into Kore’s electrical division with Electrical Manager Davie Grieve

An insight into Kore’s electrical division with Electrical Manager Davie Grieve

With fluctuating energy costs, businesses and homes are prioritising electrical costs and energy efficiency more than ever. Despite being popular for many years, outdated technology such as fluorescent lamps could ramp up the price of your property’s electricity bills and prove costly in repairs and maintenance.

In this blog post, we caught up with Kore’s Electrical Manager, Davie Grieve, who is an expert in utilising the most up-to-date electrical solutions for their customers. We discussed Kore’s expertise and professionalism in electrical installation, inspection, testing and maintenance.

Starting his career as an apprentice electrician and now with an impressive ten years at Kore Solutions under his belt, Davie highlights a day in the life of an Electrical Manager at Kore, as well as common day-to-day challenges faced by customers and the facts about what sets Kore apart from other electrical solution providers.

What is a day like for an Electrical Manager at Kore?

“There is a lot of variety in my role, which I thoroughly enjoy. As soon as electrical work comes through the door from customers, irrespective of size, they will receive the same exceptionally high standard of attention. Half of my time is typically spent out of the office, completing surveys, visiting clients, and conducting site visits. I will have my hands on everything from the initial enquiry to post-project completion and anything in-between. There is great satisfaction all around when a customer project is delivered.

“There can be such a variation of jobs daily, but the thing that makes my job the most interesting is the reactive callouts. Being a people person, means I particularly enjoy the client-facing side of my role.”

How would you describe the electrical department at Kore?

“Our team consists of approved expert electricians with a wealth of knowledge and experience, which helps support our apprentices expanding their electrical careers. Kore’s services include installing, servicing and maintaining electrical systems across various sectors, mainly working with industrial and commercial customers.”

Kore Solutions - Electrical

What kind of customers does Kore work with, and what challenges are they facing?

“Facilities management companies are where we get much of our work, including letting agents and landlords. We get called out daily by these customers when electrical issues arise. We react as necessary to these, while ensuring that any programmed work continues to progress, thus ensuring every customer receives the attention their project deserves.

“We also carry out electrical work for landlords regularly to ensure their premises are up to a high standard between tenants moving in and out. This includes an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), which helps us determine whether the property is safe to be occupied.

“Dilapidation surveys along with remedial works is another popular service we provide; this ensures the landlord is compliant when attracting new potential tenants, it also brings a new lease of life into a building and helps bring energy costs down as we can install LED lighting and other efficient solutions.”

Kore Solutions - Electrical

Why do customers choose Kore for their electrical needs?

“Our customers come to us primarily because of our reliability. We keep our promises, whether that’s arriving at a property on time or delivering on how long a job is estimated to take. We believe transparency, honesty, and keeping customers in the loop is essential. The number of customers who are prepared to wait for Kore’s services during busy periods proves how loyal our customer base is and how trusted we are as a business.

“I also feel that our reliability is a key factor that sets us apart from companies offering similar services - our customers know we turn up and won’t disappoint them. Our Kore branding on vans and uniforms is very recognisable too and demonstrates that we care about presentation and professionalism.”

Where do you see Kore’s electrical division in 5 years?

“The electrical division is growing and we are continuously improving our services and expertise. We aren’t a team that wants to take our foot off the throttle, and we’re keen to continue attracting more loyal customers who we enjoy working with. Our team has doubled in the last year, and there are no signs of slowing down.

“We are also always looking out for opportunities to collaborate with the other departments within Kore - so watch this space.”

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