17th August, 2023

A Q&A with Kore’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Manager, Wayne Fettes

A Q&A with Kore’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Manager, Wayne Fettes

An enhanced air conditioning system can work wonders for your business, especially as 2023 is set to be one of the hottest years ever recorded in the UK! If you have an outdated system, then you may be wasting money on unnecessary repairs and increased energy bills, while the poor air quality and uncomfortable environment can negatively impact your employees and customers.

We caught up with Kore’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Manager, Wayne Fettes, who emphasised just how much an improved air conditioning system can enhance your day-to-day working environment. With a career that has spanned over 20 years and has taken him to roles both offshore and across the world to Australia, Wayne exemplifies the vast knowledge and expertise that is consistent in all areas of Kore’s services.

In this blog post, Wayne discusses the common challenges faced by our customers, gives an overview of the best-in-class services offered by his team, and explains why it’s vital that customers collaborate with a local organisation for all their air conditioning and refrigeration needs…

What are the common challenges faced by Kore’s air conditioning customers?

“There’s been quite a change in customer attitudes towards air conditioning, particularly around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, as many businesses are unwilling to invest as much in their systems as they would have 10/15 years ago. The downside to this attitude is that businesses will need to spend a lot of money on continuous repairs and maintenance, whereas a one-off investment into a brand new, up-to-date system could solve all of their problems in one go. A lot of organisations seem to just wait until their AC system fails or breaks down, then they will invest in repairs, as opposed to being proactive and getting a new system installed.

“One of our recent customers finally decided it was time to upgrade to an improved AC system, as they had been using the same one for at least 20 years! At best, an air conditioning system can last between 10 to 15 years. I always tell customers that there’s only so many plasters that you can put on a wound.

“The best piece of advice I can give companies when it comes to air conditioning is to not wait this long to upgrade, as in the long-run, you’ll just end up wasting money on maintenance and repairs that could instead be used for a new, energy-efficient solution.”

What air conditioning and refrigeration services are offered by Kore?

“The servicing, maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems are the most common services delivered to our customers. We aim to be as proactive as possible with our clients by carrying out preventive maintenance wherever possible, which ensures that businesses avoid costly breakdowns in the future. Of course, our team is on-hand to help customers with reactive call-outs whenever required - this can be particularly common with businesses that are still using outdated systems.

“The other side of this service is the installation of new air conditioning and refrigeration systems, which Kore has been doing across Scotland for over 10 years. We’re really focussed on delivering the best and most energy-efficient solutions that are bespoke to the site-specific requirements of our customers.

“We are established partners of several leading air conditioning equipment manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi, which gives us access to the latest technologies available and ensures our customers get the most up-to-date and efficient solution possible.”

Kore - Rooftop air conditioning installation

What type of customers does Kore work with?

“We work with a diverse range of customers of all shapes and sizes - we never limit our services to a specific industry, or look to only work with businesses of a certain size. Our recent work has taken us as far as Inverness and Dundee, so we encourage customers of all remits in Aberdeen and beyond to get in touch with our team for their air conditioning and refrigeration problems.

“In terms of our refrigeration services, this has been popular with a vast range of bars, restaurants and other eateries in the city who are particularly interested in the installation of new walk-in chills and freezers.”

What do you think sets Kore apart from other providers?

“I think it’s really down to the sheer experience and commitment of our team. Between myself who has over 20 years’ experience, and our Operations Director Ryan Pirie and team of engineers, we each have extensive knowledge of the industry having worked with a vast range of customers across Aberdeen and beyond. Collectively, we have a proven track record of solving some extremely complex air conditioning and refrigeration challenges for our companies. Each of us is dedicated to ensuring our customers get the best results - we’re always quick to get our hands dirty, and to help solve the problems facing our clients as soon as possible.

“Our customers benefit from this expertise as well as the range of best-in-class products Kore has access to - both of these aspects mean our team can deliver bespoke, energy-efficient solutions to our customers time after time. I think this excellent level of service and commitment is why many of our customers have been loyal to Kore for such a long time, as they know the quality of customer care they receive will never change. It’s also why companies in Aberdeen rely on Kore to deliver the servicing and maintenance for their own customers.”

Kore - Office air conditioning installation

Why do you think it’s important for customers to choose a local company to solve their air conditioning and refrigeration challenges?

“By choosing a local provider, customers can often benefit from clearer lines of communication as well as a more reactive level of service. We continuously keep our clients in the loop with how their job is progressing, while we are able to reach reactive call-outs for repairs and maintenance much quicker than if our customers were working with a provider that wasn’t local to the area.

“We invest a lot of care and attention into the customer relationships we have - I don’t believe this same level of customer service would be replicated by an operator from outside of Aberdeen.”

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