13th April, 2022

Six reasons to switch to IP CCTV

Six reasons to switch to IP CCTV

As a specialist provider of smart technology for every building, we like to help our clients understand the benefits of new technology and why it makes sense to upgrade. This blog is about switching from traditional analogue CCTV systems to IP CCTV.

IP CCTV or Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television has at least six key advantages over traditional analogue systems and works by transmitting video signal in digital format to a network video recorder. This video recorder has an IP address attributed to it and means that communication of data is two-way.

1. Remote Access

IP CCTV is hosted on a secure server-based system which means that business owners and security teams can login remotely, using a web interface and view real-time footage on their iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs and Android devices. This means that response times can be much faster if there is a break-in or other untoward activity on your premises. It also gives real peace of mind when you’re away because you can physically see at any chosen time what’s happening at your sites. This is particularly useful if you have offices and separate facilities elsewhere, especially in rural locations.

2. Resolution

IP cameras are vastly superior to analogue and are improving all the time. Standard IP cameras deliver image resolution up to five times clearer, making it easier to identify intruders or activity on your site. This also means that you need fewer cameras because they can cover more ground than a pan, tilt and zoom camera.

3. Quality Playback

You can review your footage on a multiple zoom playback without any deterioration in image quality, which is a real problem with analogue cameras when the image is compressed.

4. Intelligent Features

With IP CCTV, it is possible to integrate a number of different intelligent features to the video management system. These could include ANPR software, motion sensors or people counters.

5. Easy Expansion

Unlike analogue, it is really easy to scale up an IP CCTV system without upgrading the main hardware.

6. Reliability

IP CCTV systems can include cloud or other storage to back up your CCTV footage, even if the path to a server fails in a power cut. This means the camera continues to record and footage isn’t lost.

If you would like to discuss IP CCTV with the team at Kore Solutions, please email info@kore-solutions.co.uk or telephone 01224 228952.