18th October, 2023

Why now is the time to switch to LED lighting in your building

Why now is the time to switch to LED lighting in your building

Does your company premises have fluorescent lighting? Now is the time to consider switching to LED, as not only can you gain significant benefits for your business, the Government has officially launched a phased approach to eliminate the use of fluorescent lamps across the UK.

This means that as of 1st February 2024, all T5, T8 and compact fluorescent lamps will no longer be available for sale, and you will therefore not have access to buy replacement fluorescent lamps for any of your buildings.

An easy solution to tackle this issue is to get ahead of the game and make the simple decision to transition to LED lighting. Davie Grieve, Kore’s Business Manager for Electrical Services, has shared the key benefits of making the leap from fluorescent lamps to LED lamps and explains why now is the perfect time to switch…

1. LED lighting is energy efficient

“With electricity bills skyrocketing over the past few years, there is no doubt that energy consumption has become a large talking point amongst businesses. One of the simplest ways to eliminate costly electricity bills is to switch your building’s fluorescent or incandescent lamps with energy efficient LED lights.

“What makes LED lights more energy efficient than other forms of lighting is the ability of each light to produce greater lumens per watt, meaning that less energy is required to provide the same amount of light as alternative options. LED lights also produce very little heat when operating, ensuring that maximum energy is put towards lighting rather than wasted by generating heat. Overall, LED lights can be up to 80% more energy efficient than fluorescent lights.

“Both of these factors combined can result in impressive energy savings for a business, generating a healthy return on investment in only a matter of months.”

2. LED lights are long lasting

“LED lamps can have a life expectancy of anywhere from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours, which is significantly more than fluorescent lamps. A key reason for this is that LED lamps do not contain any working parts that could burn out or break over time. For example, fluorescent lamps contain filaments, which each time the lamp is turned on become slightly worn, eventually causing the lamp to burn out and pop.

“The impressive lifespan of LED lighting means you will no longer have to worry about frequently buying and replacing new lamps for your building.”

3. LED lighting is safer and more environmentally friendly

“As LED lights emit much less heat than other lighting methods, you have greater peace of mind when it comes to the risk of burns or fires. Unfortunately, the amount of heat generated by traditional lighting methods makes it much more likely for a fire or burn to occur, particularly when the lighting comes into contact with a flammable material or has been left on for an extended period of time.

“Unlike many fluorescent lamps, LED lamps do not contain toxic mercury which makes it safer and easier to dispose of. For instance, lighting solutions that contain mercury cannot be recycled and can be toxic to people and the environment if disposed of incorrectly. LED lamps are also recyclable, ensuring that the lamps will not end up thrown in landfills, which is often the case with fluorescent lighting solutions.”

4. LED lighting requires less maintenance

“LED lighting also requires significantly less maintenance than other lighting solutions, making it the perfect investment for commercial building managers in need of a low maintenance lighting solution.

“It is likely that replacing broken light lamps will make up the majority of the routine maintenance required on a building's lighting, however, thanks to the longer lifespan of LED lamps, maintenance and replacements do not need to be carried out as frequently - which saves you money in the long-run.”

5. You won’t face any replacement issues

“There is no better time than the present to switch to LED lighting as it will save you future sourcing and replacement troubles. If you fail to make the transition to LED lighting before the deadline of February 2024, then it will be extremely difficult to source replacement parts for your building’s fluorescent lamps or tubes as manufacturing will be halted and sales removed - which could waste both time and budget.”

6. LED lighting creates a more comfortable environment

“Employees are often driven by their surroundings, and factors such as design and lighting of a space can impact the productivity of a workforce. Natural light is said to be the key to reducing stress, fatigue and eyestrain when working in an office environment, and thankfully advancements in LED lighting have made it possible to replicate this.

“Flickering lights, which can occur frequently with fluorescent lamps, is also a common issue found in commercial spaces which can have a serious impact on the health of staff. If employees suffer from severe headaches and migraines then flickering lights can often trigger or worsen this issue. High-quality LED lamps are designed to minimise or eliminate flickering, helping to create a more comfortable and productive work environment.”

How Kore Solutions can help

At Kore Solutions, we have an experienced in-house team ready to help you make the transition from fluorescent lamps to LED lamps as smooth and seamless as possible. Whether it’s a small office building or a large warehouse, our solutions are tailored to suit your needs and site-specific requirements.

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