Our Business


Established in 2012, Kore Solutions successfully provides a range of high-end, real tech solutions for customers who need a single or combination of world-class, innovative in-building solutions and support services to augment and improve their infrastructure.

A leader in our field, our multi-disciplined engineering team serves a client base throughout the UK, Europe and throughout the world.

Our success is built upon an ability to develop close working relationships between our employees, clients, business partners, suppliers and other key stakeholders.

Kore’s mission is to be known as an innovation-led organisation that provides in-building solutions for customers and their partners, through seeing the big picture and focusing on the details. 

We’re interested in long term relationships and forge hard-working partnerships, innovating the requirement, and meeting and exceeding client expectation on product service and delivery. 

By listening and asking the right questions, we’re able to develop specific solutions that enhance the overall user-experience. 


To be a leader in high-end, innovative technology, thinking and applied solutions


Resilience and innovation which means we’re never complacent and content with this year’s solution; next year’s is just around the corner and we’re working on it now

Solution-driven customer focus

Integrity through intuitive relationship building


We are service-driven, customer-focused, solution providers. We enjoy coming up with cost-effective, engineered solutions to meet your challenges, that are innovative, reliable and future-proof. We provide a comprehensive consultancy service, not just replacing client equipment, we strive to understand the full picture and create an enhanced better solution, than just a mere product swap.

We deliver a high value proposition and explain everything to clients so that you understand each key element and what the Kore Solutions difference truly is.

Our track record is exemplary; clients believe in us and trust us to deliver their projects on time, to a budget, with a premium product and a long-lasting solution.

Kore Solutions will always offer wider, better in-building solutions, that are efficient and take a client’s request and turn it into a shared vision. We forge long term partnerships and build deeper business relationships, with many retained and returning clients who value working with us.


Track record



Latest tech


We work in three specific areas: intelligent buildings; fire and security; electrical; and our engineers and partners hold to the latest industry standards and expectations. We work with high tech, high end products from reputable partners to ensure we deliver world-class projects and maintenance programmes, so that our clients are well-supported for the entire life of our solution.