Designed to help your business optimise its energy consumption, our technology solutions can not only enhance operations but reduce costs and help you achieve your net-zero goal.

Energy Solutions For Every Building

Buildings are expensive assets when you take into account their operating costs, energy use and the impact they have on the environment through carbon emissions. Finding smarter energy solutions is essential in future-proofing our buildings and reducing the cost of them - which is especially crucial in these times where the climate crisis is more acute and energy costs continue to rise.

At Kore Solutions, we offer a suite of services to help you unlock efficiencies for your buildings and the people who use them, from energy management systems to smart lighting...


Electric Vehicle Charging

Our EV charging solution ORKA is helping businesses transition to electric and move towards a more sustainable future. With solutions specifically designed for commercial and workplace environments, corporate fleets and new developments, our team can provide an all-in-one EV solution - from charging point installation, to software and management, service and maintenance, and consultancy and support.


Generating renewable energy by capturing natural light from the sun, solar panels are a 100% clean source of energy. Experts in solar panel installation, ORKA is helping aid Scotland’s net-zero goal by 2045 by installing these modules on rooftops or on the ground.

With living costs on the rise, solar generation also partners perfectly with battery storage providing energy even with inadequate daylight, helping bring your overall home and business costs down.

Battery Storage

Significantly improving the efficiency of solar energy systems and improving your return on investment, battery storage is essential for retaining excess generation for when there is inadequate daylight.

Our battery storage solutions combined with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system make it possible to store your energy and shift your production times to when you need power, making it possible to fully switch over to renewable energy sources.

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